Discover The Secret to Landing Freelance Writing Clients

Is there really a well springing up of lucrative writing opportunities in the desert of freelance writing?

William Ballard, MBA
7 min readJun 7, 2022


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When I launched my career as a freelance writer back in 2014 I imagined all successful freelance writers had a secret.

Why did I imagine this?

Well, I was thirsty for work but could find nowhere to drink.

You see, it was like I walked into the middle of the desert looking for an adventure, having been told there was an oasis of great possibilities over the horizon, but my water bottle had run dry.

What I found was that there was no oasis in sight.

If not that, then only successful freelance writers knew where this secret location of a well springing up lucrative flowing streams of wealth was, and they wouldn’t tell me where because the water supply at the oasis is limited.

If they shared the location with any Tom, Dick, or Harry, the work would quickly dry out.

So anyone who had found the oasis was bound to silence.

What I’ve just described is a common problem for newbie freelance writers, taking their first step into a new profession full of desert beasts waiting to attack.

All around, newbie freelance writers see established pros earning a good living from their writing careers. Meanwhile, they can’t find a single client that’s willing to pay them the same amount, or what their work is really worth.

New freelance writers are left wondering: “What’s the secret of successful freelance writers?” It’s a good question, and it is one we will come to an answer to in a moment.

First, a warning.

The truth is, there’s no risk-free way to be a freelance writer, just like there’s no risk-free way to take a hike in the Sahara. Even the most successful freelance writers have times when they wonder where their next month’s paycheck will come from.

Now, with all that in mind, you can still anticipate the dangers. You can go into the desert prepared. You can pack plenty of supplies, and take a map of the terrain with you. You can read the…



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